Thursday, August 31, 2006

Borrow Puppies and Borrow Kids Rock!

Take today, for instance. At The Espresso Garden, co-owner Darren brought his 10 week old chiuaua-Jack-Russell puppy to work, and a crying 19 year old stressed from job-hunting, 2 little kids, 1 older woman, and I all got such joy out of Teacup's little puppy loving. (Teacup, get it? The coffee shop mascot?) And Darren's married and straight, so it's OK that he has a tiny dog. ;)

And then, I got to read to three kids: 6 mo., 2 and 3 years, respectively. And since there were only two moms, I got to hold their little hands and help them up and down the tall chairs. They picked the books--The Foot Book, Good Night Moon, Brown Bear... (they took turns picking) and the Very Hungry Catepillar (extraordinary attention spans obviously still uncorrupted by technology--also, we went butterfly hunting and it didn't bother me that Teacup upstaged me on occasion). It was a great hit of baby love, and I didn't have to change anyone's diaper or try to put them down for their naps (which their mothers conceded they were ready for when they started running after each other in the oh-so-peaceful garden shrieking--and therein lies why I decided against teaching elementary school, though come to think of it, high school isn't that much different... at least the pitch of their voices is usually lower).

And (three good things in one day!) (wow!) I got to e-talk to two of my former students and they are both really amazing people, and so now I get to feel like I have worth and friends even though I'm not an official teacher right now. :)

Thanks lenders! :)

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