Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Olaina After School
I've been awake for three hours and all I wanted was breakfast. So I brushed my teeth. Then I went to get my thyriod medication, which I have to take 30 minutes before eating, but I noticed the plants needed watering. Then I noticed the dishes were in the sink. So I moved them, watered the plants, moved the plants around (watering...) remembered my medication. Did the dishes. Remembered my medication. Actually took it. Remembered there are three other medications I have to take, but that I got some of them yesterday from the pharmacy, so I searched for those. Found my laptop. Tried to work out some edits on my blog, but for some reason they aren't taking. Remembered the medication. Took the medication. Remembered the plants. Sat on the bed. Moved the plants. Returned to the frustrating blog situation. Decided to look to see if Alicia had posted any more entries at SF Chronicle--she hadn't. Checked on Anne Lamott at Salon, nothing new. Remembered I'm starving. Made oatmeal. Remembered I can block out the upstairs neighbor's piano practice if I turn the radio on loudly enough. Remembered I want to give some stuff to teachers, called someone. Remembered I want to watch Being Julia today. Wished we had a couch (sold ours for $100) instead of two chairs. Wondered how much we'd get for the chairs... Decided I'm too hungry to keep writing and should just eat now.

Had wanted to be out of the house by 8 but am still in my pajamas--at 8 I was sitting (still hungry) surrounded by sorted dirty laundry deciding which colors to wash, but that I should wait til Justin gets home so I can wash his dress shirt with the rest...

It's 10 now, and I'm going to eat this oatmeal. Is this major depression, medication side effects, or did I catch ADD from my students? ;)

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OakMonster said...

I have ADD today too. Mainly from sleep depravation. Heh.

HUGS for everybody!