Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Olaina After School

You see, the important thing is that I have friends. Sure, they may make me laugh long distance via their sleepless, late-life blogging, but they're there. (See Oakley's Blog link in the sidebar.)

Plus I have four of five former students coming to visit me today and an outdoor coffee shop in which I am welcome to paint for hours at a time while they sell yummy beverages. (See The Espresso Garden.)

So, there should be no crying. There should be no sadness. There should be no feeling of abandonment or loneliness. There should be nothing but love.

"Can you feel the love tonight?" Why do these stupid songs keep coming into my head?

I'm going to vaccuum now. It's kind of like I used to clean the tables before class started--I'll vaccuum before the kids come over. (We have no couch, so there will be a lot of floor sitting if we spend more than a few minutes here....) Then we're going to the park and I'm going on the swings. Because you can't be sad when you're swinging or when you're hoola hooping. Which reminds me that I own a hoola hoop for this purpose exactly, so I'm going to sign off now. I have happy-making to do.

(God, MDD fighting is exhausting. It's a good thing we sold our couch ($100 seemed more appealing), otherwise I'd just lie there watching non-cable TV and feeling sorry for myself. This way I at least have no choice but to do something. (After a while the chairs get uncomfortable, and if I get in the bed in the day time I'm too scared I won't be able to sleep at night; plus I'd feel like a real loser. Nighttime is for sleeping. Daytime is for working.) My job is getting healthy. And if it takes a friend to accompany me to my doctor's appointments now and then, then so be it. (Thanks Justin, Amanda and Brian.))

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