Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Painting at The Espresso Garden


Not only is it inspirational (flowers, fountain, friends), it's a great marketing tool. People, I've found, are curious to see what I'm doing and one woman was so taken by the painting I was still working on that she claimed to want to buy it and want to take a business card from me. Now we'll have to see if she really does come back, but I'll try not to be jaded already.

Of course, I've been working on the piece basically since we had the conversation, discounting the time I spent cooking and eating dinner with Justin.

We calculated and realized that given that today is Wednesday, and that we didn't see each other awake yesterday or Monday (I had a PAG meeting and a photography class those evenings, respectively), and that we spent two hours together on Sunday (I woke him up after three hours of sleep post-call so that he would eat dinner with me), and that he was on call Saturday so I didn't see him at all, and that Friday the only time we spent together was at a concert where I was trying to sell my school supplies in tandem with The Espresso Garden guys, and that Thursday we may have had dinner together, unless that was Wednesday.... we've spent about 5 waking hours together in the last 6 or 7 days.

Woo hoo! Yay third year of medical school! grrr....

I'm so glad I have the refuge of The Espresso Garden, otherwise, the four walls of our apartment would swallow me whole. I don't know what I'd have done if we still lived in suburbia. Depression doesn't cure itself alone.

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