Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"You look so happy!"

Olaina After School

That's because I was THRILLED! Joel, Sara, Joy, Lea, Heidi and Amy came to visit me today after school (Amy is still at TPHS, whereas the rest are off to college pretty soon.) They totally made my day and reminded me of how much fun we had together; how much fun we still have to have together; how much love there is in the world. Not a lot of people think teenagers are good examples of love in the world, but I know the truth--I know they ARE love and HOPE for the world.

And I know that because I was a high school teacher. And I will trumpet that to the world because the world needs hope, and so do I.

Thanks for visiting me ladies and gent--you gave me a taste of happiness that I really needed. :)

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OakMonster said...

Aww look at you and the kids! That's awesome of them to come see you.