Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cell Phones and Drugs

OK. I know you kids are going to laugh about this one, but when cell phones first came out they were banned from schools in large part because teachers didn't want drug dealers working (this is a vague old memory).

But I just got a new cell phone and it can even take pictures and do lots of stuff I don't understand yet, but hope to figure out (of course, then I'll probably forget, so why bother?). I'm really excited about the camera part.

But I'm really really excited about the alarm because of the drugs (medications) which I forget to take on time during the day. Now, I can set my alarm for noon and even make it repeat every day so I'll do the noon med and then I can reset it for 4 p.m. and do the evening med, and then reset it for noon and never forget again!


I'm sure cell phones have been doing this kind of neat stuff for a long time, but not the ones you can get for $30 after rebate on your annual trade. :)

Maybe I can even train it to be set for two times and I won't have to do all that resetting. See! Cell phones are good for (perscribed) drugs for teachers!

And since I have almost no short term memory, that would be good.

Yesterday, Justin and I apparently had a conversation and about 5 minutes later I had completely, I mean COMPLETELY, forgotten about it. It wasn't about anything big--apparently he'd been wearing pants all day and switched to shorts because we were doing some more unpacking of our office and it was getting hot in our apartment, but I don't remember talking about it AT ALL. This of course made me so scared about my life that I started to cry, but he hugged me and I pulled it together--I'm getting used to forgetting and just keep on doing stuff once I remember but even that is scary.
I'm pretty sure I wasn't "wife-ing" him--"Uhhuh, OK. Yeah," but not really paying attention. I would have remembered that. I just have short term amnesia. It's like "50 First Dates" only not as bad or as fun. And I don't get to have blonde hair I can brush.

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