Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Check

It actually came in the mail. :) So now, I just have to hope it keeps happening. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier, for those of you who were participating in my vision of living on the streets of San Diego.

Did you know there are 4500 homeless people in San Diego and 2000 beds for them? And that they get tickets when they're found out there, being homeless, which of course they cannot pay, so then of course they get into more trouble because they can't work "with" the police and the mayor thinks these fines are a good idea.

I know developing countries need help and I'm glad the United States gives it through the government and NGOs and the goodness of private citizens, but it's right here. Two of them came to my door--one asking for a cover another asking for change for coffee. A man and a woman. A white and a black, respectively.

What is it we're doing for our world?

What is our world?


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