Wednesday, September 20, 2006


"There's another one!" Justin said.
There was a catepillar at the foot of our bed.
"How are they getting there?"
"I don't know."
"Well, do something."
So he got a Kleenex and picked it up. It's small and thin and right away it curled up in catepillar-fetal-position.
"What are you going to do with it?" I asked. I can't imagine a person can squish a catepillar. "They turn into butterflies." I've read The Very Hungry Catepillar during story hour for the last three weeks every Thursday.
"Do you want to take it outside?"
I looked at him with the pleading eyes that make him do things for me, so he took it to the front door and tried to throw it over the edge (one story up). It wouldn't go, so apparently it's on our sidewalk/hallway now.

Tonight we went to see Ella. Great band, great voice, wish there was more story. But if they had acted out everything she did in monologues the play would have been 5 hours long or they would have had to cut songs, so it was good the way it was. The best thing was that Justin came with me and even got dressed up and sat next to me and we held hands. The worst thing was the lady sitting next to him kept singing along. Finally, in the second act, I had to lean over and look at her and she stopped. We were definitely in the minority age bracket in the audience. Justin said, "I looked at the rows in front of us and it was all white and blue hair."

Why do old ladies end up with blue hair?

These are my questions.

Also I want to know how all my newly college freshmen are doing and how the paper looks that's coming out tomorrow at TPHS. Lordy, my nest is empty!

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