Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's Over

Naps are good.

I woke up and the sun was setting--pretty.

I woke up later and it was dark and someone was BBQ-ing--lighter fliud. Hungry. So I got up and closed all the front windows and thought about eating more noodles. (Mac and cheese for lunch--last box, leftover pad thai noodles for dinner, since I can't go anywhere in the dark. Today when I asked the guy who works at the store next door to the coffee shop if he'd heard about the muggings since he'd been out of town and he said, "Yeah, I just read about that. They're attacking mostly people who are walking alone though." I just gaped at he who works and lives with his girlfriend. "Yeah.")

Justin somehow got out of being on call early, so he's home now. Caught two babies. For the first one he got misty (inside). I asked if he said a little prayer for the new life, and he said he would next time. Then he "only had his hands in there for one of them, and the head was out, and [he] was pushing down on the shoulders to help it out, but then the hand popped out and it kind of freaked [him] out. It's not like he [shouted out--he made a sound effect I can't figure out how to type] or anything, but the third year resident got his hands in there then, so [he] kind of got out of the way. It was kind of freaky, that's not what it's supposed to look like. I was afraid the arm would come out separately or broken or something."

"Babies bones are soft because they have to fit through such a small space," I said. It's a nugget of knowledge I gained from a friend who told me about her sister's baby being rather flexible.

"I know, but it's weird when you see it."

I bet. I guess.

Here he is:
"I can't believe I did that. It's like a rite of passage. I feel like a doctor now. If someone is having a baby somewhere, like on a plane, and they're asking does anyone know what they're doing? [He rose his hand.] Placentas are big."

"Is that the afterbirth?"

He nodded. "If it were a cow or a horse or something it would eat it. I don't know, some animals do."

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