Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pretty __________ Pills

In the morning there are five.
I can swallow them in one gulp now,
followed by a glass of water.
Big dark purple.
Little light purple.
Little light yellow.
And the two capsules that do not match the color scheme,
visually bothering me every time--
huge as capsules come and ugly orange-brown.

I'd like to eliminate them based on color scheme disruption.
I like purple and yellow.
Flowers come that way.
The irises in my wedding bouquet would match them.

At noon it's another big purple.

At four it's the little yellow.

Important not to get confused about which to take when, then.

But I get confused.

The purple one is on my tongue,
I realize it should be yellow and take it out,
wonder what to do with it,
and then remind myself to take the right one.

The yellow one at four.

Maybe I can eliminate the one that is eliminating my memory.

1 comment:

OakMonster said...

Signs! Signs all over the house!

Don't make me start calling you at 4 to remind you of the yellow pill. ;-)

BTW - Have you been getting my emails? Just wondering.