Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So there's a coup in Thailand...

and my first thoughts on reading the lame CNN brief that is on my homepage (a journalists need for "news" never dies but maybe I need a better source) are, "I hope Oakley's family is OK." (Oakley is the webgodess who is creating my website I think she's also some kind of princess or something, or lives on the same block as the princess "back home" or something like that....) So of course I know the only way to find out immediately (she's at work--that's what people who aren't on disability (and boy do I keep proving to myself that there's no way I could work now--more on that later) do during the week, so I can't call her) is look at her blog. You can too, at

I strongly suggest anyone who needs constant updates or explanations of what's really going on go to Oakmonster's Den--she's much more informative and entertaining than the pundits who make the world look like the handbasket is getting closer to hell every 15 minutes.

I love Oakley! (and her webgoddess abilities!) And her sense of humor and news. :)


OakMonster said...


It's because I'm jaded, darling. Like someone else on my other commented, "We might as well call Thailand, 'Coups R Us'".

When the "democratic government" is so corrupted even the election is rigged, and the entire legal system is corrupted too, how do you change anything democratically? It's not possible. Hence, the coup.

Bah. I'm not getting into that again.

So, hi. :)

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