Friday, September 01, 2006

a word about the cane

Despite foot pain and some new wierd things growing on his foot (which he swears will be OK to just get looked at when he sees his podiatrist at the VA in three weeks), he still walked about a mile with me tonight after I drove him to dinner after his 36 hour shift. Turns out it's only residents who have to have 80 hour weeks and get sent home at noon if they spend the night at the hospital. Justin, a third year, got to spend two fitful hours "sleeping" and the rest of the time making sure general surgery patients stayed alive. (Apparently a touch and go situation for some.)

And the cane: at first it was a cool (in his opinion) carved wooden duck's head cane that was given to him by his stepfather's father. That broke in the Museum of the National Library of Congress (because there's a quieter place for dropping potentially sharp objects (now known as weapons) in 2003 Washington DC--sometimes I feel so much safer because I married a white man instead of someone with the complexion of everyone else in my family; not that I think anyone ever racially profiles us (ha! it's soooo fun! grrr...). Then he got a hiking one from REI, which is actually cool. I try to remember or talk him into taking it with him on long walks, but his pride gets in his way. (Plus the hand holding and the walking on anyside of him is a bit awkward.)

I figure in ER or family medicine he can have borrow babies too--so that works pretty well for me. His next rotation is OB/Gyn... I'm not sure I'm thrilled with him having borrow vaginas. On the other hand, he is really clinical about stuff he's been seeing so far--clinical and relatively amusing. Hopefully it won't make him think "it's time" because we've (at least for now) decided that WE need A LOT of time before it's remotely a good idea to have a kid. We're very busy raising ourselves at the moment and figure we have, like, at least, like, ten years worth of work to do before we're, like, emotionally caught up to our real ages and old enough, ya' know? Yay borrow babies! :) Yay borrow puppies! Yay borrow teenagers!

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