Saturday, October 07, 2006

Competing for Attention

I also have been maintaining, which is just one of my little ways of helping them market themselves. Since 8 people have hit the page, I think it's definitely working. ;)

Actually, we had 12 little feet at story hour Thursday (I read Fox in Sox and decided we should count), and since each of the little feet came with big feet people who drink coffee or tea, that was good. Except I ended up competing heavily with Tea Cup, the puppy Chiuaua and Jack Russell terrier mix who has a little kennel and a cage and is the shop mascot. In my teaching-style ingenuity--if you can't beat em, join em--I said, "OK. I'm not above reading from the doggie cage." So I opened the gate, climbed in, and sat with Tea Cup in my lap and the kids in rapt attention with their little fingers wrapped around the wire and their noses poking through the holes while I read The Very Hungry Catepillar (which is always followed by a butterfly hunt--sometimes we get lucky and find the real thing flying through, but I have planted a ceramic fake and also painted one, just in case). The only problem was when Tea Cup was burrowing into my lap and started chewing on the drawstring of my sweats. Then we had to take a commercial break while I tucked my strings into my pants so that I wouldn't lose my drawers when I stood up later.

Then, during the butterfly hunt, Tea Cup pooped and his owner (one of the shop owners) had to clean it up and pour ammonia on the area because of course he did it right by the gate and one of the daddy's said, "There's dog poop within kid reach."

I managed to keep all the kids seriously engaged in the hunt and on the other side of the garden while that got cleaned up.

My back still hurts from a combination of yoga and carrying the borrow babies around...

Tonight there's music at the Garden--so go to their blog, or better yet, go to the Garden! :)

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