Monday, October 30, 2006

Expressions in the Garden! (revised and now including a poem in couplets)

This party is going to be the coolest birthday party I've ever had (by coincidence it falls on my birthday--it's not really just for my birthday) because it's going to be at a garden coffee shop and there will be live music and I will be showing my ART AND PHOTOS and I'm alive for it! :) If you're just tuning in this living-ness is a bigger deal than you might think for someone so young--last year was really fun for me; various doctors said:

You're due to have a baby!
(oops, sorry, not this one);

You have major depressive disorder and anxiety!
(oh, you little overachiever, just since you're not all better in three months you're suicidal);

You might have breast cancer, but probably not, still we should check.
(yeah, you don't have it, but thanks for giving our residents a chance to practice needle biopsies and lumpectomies on your boob).

I'm going to be 32. But that's not what really matters.

What really matters is that Jareb and David and Fiona are going to be singing, and that Jeremy and Darren and Monica are going to be serving lots and lots of guests, and that I am going to be showing my art and photos--which means it really is a celebration of their voices, The Espresso Garden's first winter, and the re-birth of my life. You know--since last year I kept the whole birthday thing on the down low, and I didn't know I was one of those people who could have a photo and art show or write a poem in couplets about crappy things happening. Well, I knew about the writing. But not the subject matter.

Details soon--but keep Saturday, Dec. 9, 6-9 p.m., at The Espresso Garden on your calendars. It's a very important day. It's my BIRTHday. :)

And the first inaugural Expressions in the Garden! (The entertainment and art is going to be a quarterly experience, but I'll still only have birthdays once a year.)

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