Tuesday, October 24, 2006

stuff that should have happened then happening now

I had the wierdest dreams last night with nightmarish high school boyfriends returning to my parents' house--all older now--and Aunty and Uncle were visiting and Mom was sleeping and the boys had a ballgown for me but I knew I had to get rid of them but I just wanted to try the ballgown on once and so I had to shower and it was generally awful. Also, the yard of the house was all dug up and I think there was a body in the dirt or something and there was some construction like stuff going on in the back area (of the house or yard I'm not sure) and so it was just chaos. I hate waking up from those dreams with Justin already gone to work.

I think the dream maybe was related to the missing teeth and the bloody tummy/mouth. The things happening to me are pretty much all supposed to have happened when I was a kid, so maybe it was just my mind trying to analyze that. hmmmm....

OK. Better get ready for Nancy. Good thing I remembered that (after I looked at the pile of meds--what with the pennicilin and the giant motrin and all--it's 12 pills today and that's sans vitamin, which I don't really bother with anyway). Sh! don't tell! (not that anyone in the military healthcare system has a primary care phsyician now anyway).

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