Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Tooth Fairy

Remember that funny feeling in your mouth when your tongue touched up against the places where baby teeth had fallen out and grown-up ones hadn't quite broken through?

I keep feeling like a kid in elementary school, which in my imaginary world is quite delightful. (But I vaguely remember in the real world feeling ever so slightly buzzing with anxiety and hope and fear and fun (a little) and perfectionism and loneliness.)

But right now, it's way more fun to think of myself as a little kid than an old woman who needs dentures.

I think maybe I'll hoola-hoop a little before I vacuum the apartment and put the laundry in the dryer. :)

Yes, I really do have a hoola-hoop. Don'tchya know? You CAN'T be depressed and hoola-hooping at the same time.

And maybe later I can get a couple people to play double-dutch with me in the Garden parking lot. Gosh that was fun!

ps. The tooth fairy was late. I asked for my teeth so that I could put them under my pillow for her, but the Naval Hospital surgeon wouldn't let me have them. Justin said he met someone yesterday whose civilian doctor let her keep her wisdom teeth. He also said that since my teeth were so big and not actually under my pillow it takes the tooth fairy a little longer to get around to stopping by.

Hello! Tooth fairy? I'm waiting for you! I'm the 31 year old woman with braces, two missing teeth and a hoola-hoop in her apartment, right next to the drafting board and supply of canvases and acrylic paint. You can't miss me. :)

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