Sunday, November 12, 2006

Art & Photo Update! Thank you!


Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Artists Open at the Center. I had so much fun seeing my friends and family there and meeting so many new and interesting people.

I even let some work get adopted--I am only sorry that I forgot to get the contact information of some of my new friends so that I could send them personal thank you cards. So:

To the young man who took home the 16x20 framed photograph of Diamonds (the sun reflecting off ocean water on rocks at the beach)--thank you. That is one of my favorite photographs I ever had the good fortune to shoot. I still cannot believe I had the extraordinary providence of the being there at the very moment that the sun made stars in the day time. Who gets to see real stars in the daytime without any kind of visual/camera filter or medical/health intervention? Me! I am blessed to have had the camera with me, to have looked at the ground instead of ahead at the waves for a moment, and therefore to have the opportunity to share Creation's beautiful tricks with all those who will get to see that work of art I happened to capture on film. (Still available in other sizes and forms if any readers are interested. I'm thinking of using it as part of my holiday card this year--you can purchase a store bought holiday card with stars for the same $3 and send the same one as millions of other well-wishers, so why not use one of these homemade ones and support a local artist?)

To the first buyer, who took a photograph of seagulls home to another state, thank you!
It was very encouraging to have a purchase within the first hour of the show, and it was a lot of fun to talk to you about the birds and show you all the different "poses" I caught them doing. (We San Diegans all know you can't actually pose a seagull--you can't even all that successfully keep one from eating your food at the beach...)
I suppose I should thank those two birds, who didn't fly away as I crept closer and closer to them while they looked at me and each other and tried to decide who should go first if one of them were to fly. (My favorite of those photos is called "Double Dare.") In that one the two are looking over a cliff that wasn't that steep to someone 5'4", but the birds are looking down with trepidation, as if they've forgotten they can fly,
"You go!"
"No you go first!"
"I dare you!"
"I double dare you!"
I think you adopted the one called "Take Off"--I like the forward action of that shot, the possibilities of where they might go. I hope they enjoy their home in a different state (on the East Coast I think you said?) and that they travel safely--I'm sure the long flight in a plane will be effortless for them and safe for you; a real treat for the birds. :)

And then there are the acrylic painting and pastel art lovers. What an honor! I always have a hard time parting with my works of art. We spend so much time together deciding what is going to come out of the canvas and the paint and the heart and the mind, it's difficult to say whether the painter paints the painting or the paintings comes alive and the painter is merely the vehicle who gets to hold the brush.

I can't believe I didn't take the time to give the two paintings and one framed pastel hugs before they left, though I'm pretty sure I hugged their new caretakers. I am comforted by the knowledge that they have found happy homes and that some of them are going to be in town and that those that moved to other counties will be well-loved.

I am not really crazy, but I have some words for my works:

"Why Not?": when I asked people their opinion, they were not sure which gender the two figures are; my favorite answer was, "Does it matter?" No, it does not. What matters is people think you are dancing, or entwined, or making love and definitely in love, and they are right, right, right. I have a feeling there will be more editions of paintings in this vein, but you were my first and inspired by my friends, and I love you. Why not?

"Lovers": Wow. I can't believe I let you go to live in someone else's home. Justin and I loved your colors, your flowers, your ethereal spirits blooming out of the flower pistils and entwined in the air. We'll miss you. But I think there are more in your family too--more of that style of painting calling itself to life, asking to be borne of my brush. You will never be alone.

"Middle Management": You are the saddest yet most hopeful one, which makes me sort of glad you live somewhere else now. That man, who was first just a figure so crouched in his pose he clearly needed something to contain him, became a symbol of Willy Lohman in The Death of a Salesman (the death of the English teacher in Olaina still clearly a ways off, don't you think?). It is a man full of potential, ready to burst out of his cub(icle) and really Be. There is light out there, but only a little comes inside the box. Where do you think he will go? I leave it to you to decide. Where will you go?

And to all the card lovers--may your joy and the recipients' joy be matched and full of love and blessings and beauty. A little bit of love from my heart to each of you is given with those cards--pass it on. Pay it forward. :)

I can't wait to see more art enthusiasts on Dec. 8 at The Espresso Garden for Expressions in the Garden. The date has been changed due to a conflict in event scheduling, but it will still be glorious as the artists and singers share their love and talent with all who come through the Garden gates.

More shows soon!

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