Thursday, November 02, 2006

Even TV isn't the same anymore

Grey's Anatomy character (GAc) 1: Two uteruses? uteri?
(GAc) 2: Uteruses.
(GAc) 3: It's pretty rare.
Justin (yeah, the one in my apartment, the one I'm married to): It's not that rare. I've seen it twice.
Me: (face frozen in an oh my God sort of position for several silent clothes-folding seconds)
J: You OK?
O: I've never heard of that before.
J: Sometimes it's just a septum.... some women have two vaginas--
O: Now that would be interesting.
J: One woman got pregnant twice in one and once in the other, I guess it's just where they guy's stuff goes.
O: Hmm... great...
More silent laundry folding, until Justin starts talking about not having any experience with twins, and how sometimes they share a placenta and sometimes they don't and sometimes they don't split right away, but he can't remember all the details, whereas the stuff he has seen in the hospital he knows better for the test.
O: Twins: there's two of them. Sometimes they match and sometimes they don't.
J: Thanks.
O: I wonder if the ones who have to share a placenta end up being closer when they grow up, you know, since they had to be so close and share stuff right from the start. And then the ones that didn't have to share aren't so close. There could be a study. I thought of a scientific study!
J: You did. (he smiles)
But then we realized we couldn't really do the study because we couldn't think of a reason that would make any money for anyone, so no one would fund the experiment. But maybe if it were for something like twins and heart disease or depression or something--and there were medicines for it; we could get a pharmaceutical company in on it.

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