Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hi kids!

OK. It's time to give up the anonymity of the web and say "hello." I know you're out there and reading this blog! A former high school teacher can only go so long living in the "real world" (after school) before she's found and facebooked/blogged/myspaced about. So say "hello" already! I'm not even going to grade you on your grammar--though I may correct it. It's a compulsion I need to feed occassionally.

So you miss my advice? Well, here's something for all you college seniors (excerpted from a message to a former Falconerd who wasn't afraid to say "hello" to me):

Don't worry too much about trying to figure out exactly "what you're going to be when you grow up" right now. It's just like senior year in high school, when everyone thought their college decision was the last big decision they'd ever make. By now you know: they were wrong. It's just one more decision in a long line of decisions that can be changed later.

Take it from someone who knows--you can change your mind or take a break, and sometimes something will happen and your road will take an unexpected turn. I think the most important thing is to be true to yourself--which means you have to know yourself well. It takes a little quiet time to get to really know yourself.

After college it's sometimes a good idea to take a "brain break" and do a little travelling or a simple job (like temping at various places to check out the environments and see what you can live with on a daily basis). That way you can make a "commitment" to a career choice when you're ready, instead of feeling rushed just because "everyone else is doing it."

OK. I'll get off my big-sister/teacher advice soapbox now... I'm going to go make myself some tea. And also copy part of this onto my blog for the rest of the kids who haven't worked up the courage to e-mail me yet. ;)

Take care!

OK. So now, whoever's out there and hasn't said "hello" yet, but has told other kids I'm here... SAY HELLO TO ME! :) Welcome this old lady into the 21st century! ;) (Nick's counting down to 21... but I'll be 32 on Dec. 9. Seriously old.)

love ya'll!

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