Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reason No. 329402984 not to do drugs

I should not do drugs of any sort; they always do more or less or worse for me than they should do.

I was going to say illicit drugs, but I've only heard fascinating stories and read some typical just-say-no style literature. I'm just assuming that medically prescribed drugs failing this miserably is only a slight indication of what could happen in other scenarios.

Last week I thought I was going to DIE of a headache. And it turns out benzos--the class of medication I was withdrawaling from--are one of few that can actually kill a person who quits them too suddenly. My head felt like it was going to ooze out of my eyeballs and ears, and no amount of ice packs, silence (not really possible in a city undergoing construction on my street), or darkness was helping. Neither was 800 mg of ibuprophen, muscle relaxants, ice cream (worth a try), massaging my teeth/gums (could it be my braces and my teeth moving?), caffeine (could skipping ONE mocha really be the cause?), sleeping (barely possible). There where points when I could barely open my eyes, when I couldn't take my sunglasses off, and when I thought I was be sick if I ate or if I did not eat.

Then, on Friday, Justin drove me to the pharmacy to get my refill (I don't even want to get into how FUBAR the Naval Medical Center system has become), and three to five pills later, I think I will live.

I still could use a massage--for a while I couldn't turn my head; to see someone sitting next to me I had to rotate from the waist. I might try to find a way to justify investing in such a luxury. I might even give a massage school a shot.

Anyway, if the withdrawal from drugs my doctors want me to take is this bad, I'm not about to get started on something that isn't even legal.

Not that it's a question or a problem or there's been an offer--I'm just telling all those kiddies out there reading my blog (hi guys! Falconerds forever!): Just Say No! (as if I haven't told you before--and as if you listen to me... ha! but worth a try! :) love you!)

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