Friday, November 24, 2006

Small Plates

The survival of the fittest for the Days After Thanksgiving That Still Include Massive Quantitites of Food: small plates.

I am now on a private reprise of The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever In My Life and I love it. And the plate is small (though piled high), so I will still be able to do yoga at noon. :)

I took a walk in the neighborhood this morning. Mornings after holidays are the best--sleepier than usual, the privileged overstuffed masses rise late and the quite clear air lasts longer. The rest of us awake that early are in good moods--morning people are--and smile and greet each other in this secret-pre-day-time. We know that the world is better than it is and shows great potential. "We are the dreamers of dreams...."

It's from a poem:

We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams.
World-losers and world-forsakers,
Upon whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world's great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire's glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song's measure
Can trample an empire down.

We, in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing,
And Babel itself with our mirth;
And o'erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world's worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

-- Arthur O'Shaughnessy

ps. the links are to wikipedia, which I approach with great distrust, but since I actually know what the words mean and checked the wiki info, I'm leaving them intact.

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