Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Photos

Here are a few, but there's more in the sidebar...

Brandon and Oakley and Paul and Olaina and Jareb and Grace Ann and
Justin and The Luckiest Girl in the World

Gravy of the gods!

mashed potatoes are a must,
but the littlest one might bust!
How is she the one who ate the most?

it's important not to let it slip!

or even drip!

Oaks pointed out that the light shining through the red wine glass made a sparkle on the table... so I had to take a photograph because "I like the way the world looks through a glass of red wine" (I took soooooo many photos of this and then realized I could recreate it another time when pie would not be involved.)

the night ends in food-coma induced you-tube watching
(Yeah, I know about you-tube now too. Blame the people around me and the fact that I don't have hundreds of essays to grade anymore.)

1 comment:

OakMonster said...

Oh great. Now I look like a glutton and a lush.

Then again, there's some truth in that. ;-D