Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Final Update 6.0

In the fridge and at this moment probably somewhere on the I-5 North along with Oakley's new papasan chair (best belated 30th birthday present ever given!).

In some people's world, the dishes are considered clean. In ours, they are rinsed and ready to be washed again. (Justin is reading over my shoulder--"There was no soap used!" he objects. Ready to be washed. Tomorrow.

The best ever. I love everyone who came to share in our Thanksgiving with us. We are truly blessed. Yes, the food was orgasmic (see below blog entries), but the friends are what made me feel loved and happy. Gravy does not make a girl laugh. But you people, you people are pretty darn fun. Not to mention wonderful and smart and good and sweet.

So come back and eat your leftovers with us. I'll even tell a funny story or let you have some gravy.... nah, but maybe some After Eights (sorry, we forgot to bring them out... it's a Gupta family tradition to forget to bring those out. More for me. :) ) Justin just asked, "Is that true?"

Yes, and it's horrible because we work so hard to find them in a store and then we forget and when we're doing the dishes after everyone leaves we realize... (it's an English/Canadian thing from my mom, I think, the After Eights, I mean.)

And those of you who didn't make it here today--we love you too and we miss you and I'm especially thrilled if you called or e-mailed or myspaced me. :) (yes, I am making it a verb and a noun. deal.) Come eat leftovers with us soon please. We made 5 lbs. of potatoes.

The best ever. He cooks, he cleans, he let me go to church this morning because there was a Thanksgiving service at Grace Lutheran and I wanted to be in a cathedral setting to tell God thanks for letting me be alive for this day (I did the church thing and then went for a quick walk to The Center's Memorial Garden--it's a beautiful day. You decide which space was cathedral-esque.). And one day he'll be a doctor. (June 1, 2008, to be exact.) But every day, every single day for the rest of our lives, he's my partner in all the adventures we'll have--whether we're ready or not. Justin: "We're always ready if we have each other." :)

PHOTOS: I will upload them tomorrow. We are a beautiful, funny looking people created in God's image each one of us.

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OakMonster said...

After Eights!! My mom used to bust that out too. It's a British thing apparently.

And you two. THANK YOU for having us down. We love seeing you guys. Of course, B and Justin are 2 peas in a pod to begin with and I'm glad you and I are getting there as well.

Finally, who knew we can have so much fun with gravy!

ROFL...okay that's it. I think I just bust my stomach lining...