Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkey Update 2: told you so

This time with a chemistry lesson.

J: It smells good doesn't it? With the cloves?
O: Yeah.
J: I put a few extra in; I had to change it up a little bit, you know.
O: [in my head I'm thinking "Change it up?" I don't think you've ever brined a turkey before, leave alone used this recipe....] Yeah.
J: Plus we didn't have enough salt.
O: [don't ask me what salt has to do with cloves. I don't know. But I'm worried about words like "not enough."] Is that going to matter? That we don't have enough salt? Is it going to make it to dry or something? What's all the salt for, anyway? [I sat up and turned to him.] Turkey update!

And then he launched into a hypo/hyper tonic solution explanation, complete with hand gestures and pointing. I just lay back on the couch and watched, subtly glazed over like when I was in chemistry class in high school. (I wanted to understand chemistry but think I am physically and chemically incapable of learning it.) By the time he was done talking about it he wasn't sure which was which way, but it didn't matter because.... well, duh. Chemistry.
J: Don't quote me on that.

Of course not.

more to come... I'm sure of it.

O: So where is the turkey now?
J: In the fridge.
O: Oh, OK. I was wondering what brining involved as far as that...
J: It's like marinating, that's all.

Have I mentioned I hate to cook? I hate to cook. Falconerd girls and random readers: if you hate to cook you should marry someone who likes to cook.

And here ends update two. :)

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