Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Update 3.0

J: "It's in the oven!"

I love everything and everyone!

The OC friends are driving down at 1 p.mish, and bringing stuffing. So dinner will be around 5 or 6 (7 maybe--who is Chef Justin kidding?) because no matter how much mashed potatoes I make, without stuffing we are not actually having Thanksgiving Dinner. Plus, not without Brandon and Oakley. San Diego friends and family: Feel free to drop by ANYTIME. There is no such thing as interrupting. From now until then all those who swing by will be treated to a new gallery showing (mi casa), football if so desired, Cat Stevens (now playing--more and others to come), and all kinds of yummy things to eat or drink. (Veggie platter, cheese and crackers, cider, wine... you name it.)

Bottom line--food is good, friends are better. Come when and if you can and we will be DELIGHTED to see you.

Also, we're really casual around here. So wear what you want. Just ask Curt--I'm fashionable enough to know something beautiful when I see it, but confident enough to wear whatever I think is comfortable because I'll look fine anyway. (And yeah, say "fine" with whatever kind of accent you would like.)


gobble gobble!
mwa! *hugs*

*********grammatical note:
Use the word "much" with "mashed potatoes" because once they are all mashed together you cannot count them; whereas, if you are talking about the potatoes before they are swirled and you can still count them (also for French fries, baked potatoes, red potatoes that are baked and seasoned...) than you would use the word "many" because you CAN COUNT them.

This agreement issue is a very serious pet peeve of my English teacher heart:

How many potatoes will I need to make enough mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving? How many people are coming to our house? The answer to the later question will determine how much potoato mixture I need to serve, thus determining how MANY pototoes I need.

*ahh! That was such a rush! A grammar lesson AND I'm alive for Thanksgiving and all the yummy food (of which I will eat so much!)!*

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