Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Update 5.1

Food coma: blogging and myspacing

I watch myspace videos now. Sweet Jesus. It truly is a new world.


pumpkin: no one wants it, but I do--for breakfast, so I made it anyway.
pecan: must be eaten

HOWEVER, the eating of pecan pie is intermittently interrupted (alliteration!) by laughter so severe that the plates have to be put on the coffee table so that we can double over and thus avoid peeing our pants, choking, spitting and thus accidentally wasting a bite of yummy yummy pie.

This is to be experienced: the return of friends who have visited already, those who have not yet arrived... anyone who wants some of the best turkey, GRAVY, cranberry sauce (made fresh!), mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and Hawaiian or wheat rolls or pies or cheese and crackers... COME AND GET IT KIDS! :)

Cheers and pass the pie please!

(The funny thing about this moment is that I am for once the kid on the computer and I'm with BRANDON and OAKLEY and JUSTIN.)

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