Monday, November 27, 2006


Words get under my skin and I am physically uncomfortable until I have dealt with them somehow. This particular episode began last night when I was discussing the use of paradox v. irony with a friend of mine. It's been turning and turning and turning in my mind; I even had to get the Unabridged Dictionary out--yeah, the fatty. And then there was the question of whether I drew up a quick lesson plan (because I know you kids reading this blog miss my impromptu grammar/vocabulary/usage lessons so much!) or write a poem about the words or using the words. Or all of the above. But just now, in my head, I resolved that we are both right and wrong in our use of the words--and last night's conclusion was correct. It's not a paradox. It's not ironic. It's just good timing. And--dare I add--a blessing that we are friends.

To be explained to the masses later. At the moment, I'm merely hoping getting these brief notes down will enable me to make breakfast and do dishes with other words in my head. :)

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