Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Adams Avenue Grill: Great Food & Photo Show!

Hello friends! Please visit our favorite neighborhood restaurant between Jan. 8-Feb. 5, and see three of my photographs on display with the Photo Arts Group show. Yes, they were taken without a filter--God made the stars shine in the daytime for me by shining the sun on the ocean water on the rocks. I looked down and said, "Diamonds and stars!" and then I took one photograph.

There will be two others at the show--also from the same location, but you'll have to go there to see them! (I know some of you are cheating and just looking online instead of going to the shows...) Besides, if you don't go to Adams Avenue Grill you don't get to have their scrumptious Tomato Soup--they'll serve it in a cup (literally--a mug) or a bowl and it feels so good on a rainy day like today; there's a special tang to it that I've never found in another tomato soup, plus an occasional piece of bacon... it's so creamy and lovely that I might just have to walk over there today and get some! BTW, Justin and I recommend the lunch menu for those of you on a budget, while the dinner atmosphere is quite romantic (though you can still color the paper table clothes with crayons) and the servings are larger, the prices are higher. At lunch time the quality of the food is still fabulous, and you can order from a pre fix menu that includes dessert. Here's their link if you'd like more information: And did I mention the service is delightful and friendly and if you're going to a show at the nearby Ken (movies) or Diversionary (live) they'll do their best to make sure you get there on time? (It's your own fault if you dawdle over another glass of wine!)

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