Friday, December 08, 2006

For a while I thought it was a real spelling bee

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From: steven
Date: Dec 7 2006 11:30 AM

i'm going to get $20 or $30 (cash) rush seats with kaitlyn and peijean for sunday's 1pm show... we prolly have to buy tickets about 11 or noon on sunday...

all (well, most) are welcome to join us. :-) just call me.

hugs to all (well, most)!

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From: Olaina
Date: Dec 7 2006 6:38 PM

LOL I won't call and interrupt Survivor but are you seriously paying $20-30 to go to the spelling bee? I'd do it for 10, but $30?

Justin said: But what about if you're poor? That means you can't watch your kids do well?

Oh my gosh... For seriously?


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From: Steven
Date: Dec 7 2006 7:54 PM


like, for seriously?!


yeah, i REALLY want to see it. REALLY. so if you want to pay $20 and sit separate you can...

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From: Olaina
Date: Dec 7 2006 10:38 PM
ohmygod! I've finally met someone funnier and more geeky than me. So funny! My God I'm seriously considering going just to laugh at youl With you. On my birthday Sunday. Who would have thought. Putnam County? Spelling Bee? Seriously? Really? I kinda don't believe you... I kinda am going to have to look at the website to see if your for serious reals. A Spelling Bee. People pay to go to the spelling bee. Have you seen the movie yet. I'm going to add it to my Netflix list now. Wait. Are you talking about the movie?

Oh my poor little spelling bee head.


J: Saturday, after breakfast what are we doing?
O: I don't know. Maybe we can take a nap. I get to decide then.
J: Sunday, your birthday Sunday, I heard you say... can I study Sunday?
O: Yeah, for all I know I'll be at the spelling bee.

Sweet Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! i love miscommunicating. :-)