Monday, December 25, 2006

it's not about rejection

Just a little clarification: It's not about rejection. It's about wasting my time and possible opportunities to have sold my work to someone else.

I would not have minded at all had the owner of the coffee shop told me over the phone that they do not accept nude figures in their shop. (I actually asked, knowing that some people do not feel comfortable with the human body on display when they're least expecting it (you go to get coffee, you don't necessarily expect to see a naked woman). I would not have minded if I had gone to the shop, shown them my art and they said it wasn't their taste. I mind that they accepted it, and then it lay in a hallway during the 72 hours before Christmas instead of being on display in the gallery I removed it from to take it to the coffee shop. I mind that my time was wasted.

I really, really, don't mind that some guy didn't like my work. I like it.

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