Sunday, December 03, 2006


Today I advertised Expressions in the Garden (Friday, Dec. 8) to teenagers, medical students and musicians. Also, the guys at the Garden had their interview with the North Park Times reporter, and I gave my permission to the Trolley Times publisher to use my byline and graphic for the story going into their paper.

Tonight I found a great band without a name, got another gig marketing local musicians for free and may have solved the recording studio problem.

Plus I made a few more good friends.

When people are doing something that they really believe is good and right and true they look different. It's in their smile and their eyes and so their whole face and body and sound. It changes the conversation.

It's so interesting to have conversations that are about art and music and life instead of administrators and meetings and lawyers. It's so different when it seems like there are so many possibilities, and the life that might change based on the decisions people make is my life. It's oddly like having both more control and less control at the same time. I have more freedom. With that freedom I lose some security financially, but I gain security personally because I don't have to fight whole-heartedly for half-truths. I know what I can give. I know what my resources are. I do not have to lie. I am not held to impossible expectations or non-existent support. So then, now, on this precipice of tomorrow I fly. I soar. I land. I decide.

Would you like me to name your world? I'm a poet.
Would you like me to record your joy? I'm a photographer.
Would you like me to entertain your guests? I'm a singer.
Would you like me to color your eyes? I'm a painter.
Would you like me to gather your thoughts? I'm a writer.
Would you like me to charm your heart? I'm a lover.
Would you like me to organize your life? I'm a thinker.
Would you like me to feed your soul? I'm alive.

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