Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Utility Box at University and 30th, North Park

Sometime in my formative years I must have put a sticker on something I wasn't supposed to vandalize.

Yesterday I did my penance.

I am painting The World in A Grain of Sand on a utility box the size of a small European car, but first I have to clean it well to make sure the paint doesn't peel off later.

This means removing the graffiti (in permanent marker and other substances), the band posters (thank you for permanent clear tape), and the stickers.

I am armed with a scraping spatula, some chemical that is still making me cough today, and sand paper.

Thank God the yoga classes of last week have given me visible arm muscles--they are being well used.

In the meantime, I have met the owner (Neil) of the new salon and the contractors and electricians that will be finishing the job by Saturday, when Neil is set to have an opening party.

Me too. The whole neighborhood is having a party for my birthday and I will have the car painted by then.

Here's a picture of the before.

I'll take my camera down today to get some shots of the during and Godwilling after ( maybe tomorrow). The guys from George's camera come out to say hello every now and then, and ANI Homes is across the street, where I will be showing my work on Saturday.

I'm off for more fun! (It really is fun.) :)

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