Wednesday, January 31, 2007

an ON-LINE writing group

Sure, what I really want is to be back at The College of Creative Studies at UCSB with Robyn Bell and Max Schott and Caroline, but I'll take what I can get. I just want smart, clear-thinking readers... like Carina, some of my Falconerds, Steven, etc...

no meetings involved, just a willingness to read and comment. :)

Want to be MY editor?

Howdy folks!

I'm working on some articles for various magazines and would love to have some readers from various walks of life (yes, even former students and colleagues) read the stories and offer suggestions. Basically, I want a writing group. Anyone interested?

If you are, please respond with a comment or an e-mail to


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

OK, so I'm alive

But I could use some company. On the other hand, I'm also enjoying my alone time. On the other hand (can I have more than two, please?), my house is too messy to have people over. So, I suppose I'll set about cleaning it. I just wanted to let everyone know that my art is going to be showcased at Bee Essentials on Park Blvd. in University Heights for February and a special Valentine's Day chocolate and wine party. They sell candles and other lovely things, and Tiffany, the darling proprietress has added some of my smaller flower paintings and photographs to the wares for sale.

My name will be on the invitation, so when I have those I will send them along or post one or whatever.

Meantime, if anyone wants to play (besides the puppy I walk each day) just give me a call! Or an e-mail. Or a comment. Anything to let me know ya'll are out there.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm still alive!

So I've gotten some words of concern from my giant fan club (OK, three people, and one of them is married to me), that I haven't been blogging with regularity. No, I have not found the edge of the earth and jumped off, though that would be more interesting. I've merely fallen into a bit of a relapse in depression, possibly due to the anniversary of the "big start" of this all (I contend my life has been building to this experience over a period of decades, and Jan. 2006 was merely the month of the explosion of life as I knew it).

Anyway, I jumped off the stage of the blogging world for a little while--long enough to forget how to long back on--and was sitting in the dark audience watching other people take the spotlight. I also, perhaps a little manic-ly?, have been Craig's Listing myself to death. Which means, I've been a constant CL-lurker and in the process have met a lot of freaky wierd people who've been dishonest and manipulative theives, which obviously does a lot for my self-esteem and zest de verve.

Fortunately, I have a lot of new artsy friends who are real and true and good, and we've formed an artists support group, so that's helping me get back on track with doing things like getting out of bed or focusing on the task at hand, instead of piling on more tasks that have nothing to do with what I really want in life. (As if I knew.)

I do miss my old friends though--where have you people gone? And my kids. I may have lost track of 2-4-6 v. 1-3-5 days, but I haven't forgotten the love of the Falconerd-world and company.

OK. I'm starving. I need Bronx Pizza. I'll catch ya'll up on some details soon. :)

Monday, January 01, 2007

The clock strikes 12... it's a new day, a new month, a new year. Welcome 2007!

Our new years: we slept for about 12 hours. At 12ish, I woke up to the sound of fireworks (gunshots? it is North Park...) wished Justin a Happy New Year, gave him another kiss and we went back to snuggly sleep. Now I'm going to go for a walk and watch the world wake up while I contemplate life and my future. Justin is still sleeping.

Ah, married life. Or life at 32.

It's like my friend's husband said about Valentine's Day when they got take out Chinese and ate it at home: "It's amateur night out there."

On Thurs., Dec. 28, I do believe I was dancing on a stripper pole in a party bus at a friend's bachelorette party. And last month I stayed up way past midnight to watch the stars fall and didn't come home til 5 a.m. And I vaguely remember being horribly drunk one Friday night of December, so I figure I can call it even and feel really good today while a whole lotta people nurse hangovers.

Actually, yesterday I woke up at 5 a.m. to get ready to take photos at a friend's wedding. Of course, I knew that bride getting ready photos are crucial, so I was there at 7 a.m. though the wedding began at 10:30ish. Everything was beautiful and fabulous and now I just have to spend a day or two getting the photos adjusted for color and size and then make an album. It's really a snap. ;)

OK. Healthy new year walk to commence now... Later I will write my New Year Letter. Given the year of 2005 and 2006 (it's a double hitter since I skipped last year) I figured I'd wait til everyone was done partying so I wouldn't kill anyone's buzz with the Truth about life for Olaina and Justin.

See you all soon! And I WILL post some photos of the bachelorette and the wedding ASAP...