Sunday, February 25, 2007

I am geeking out on the Oscars

I swear, kids, Mrs. Anderson is really capable of making even the most glamorous of nights into a geek fest.

I LOVE AL GORE! (HA! there, I said it. I do have an opinion. And if yours is different I still love you just as much--just be ready and able to defend it. That's what I'm supposed to teach you. How can I teach you to defend an argument without a real example? Without having one? yeah. I do have feelings about this subject.)

And now I'm worrying and wondering about whether Clint Eastwood just made up a word--best "scorer"? Like person who keeps score? He is talking about a person who writes the score of music for movies. I need to go to the fat dictionary! Will someone please get the PHAT dictionary!

I believe the word is composer. You know, because when you write a score of music you compose a score of music... but Clint knew the writers were not his category... and he forgot to wear his glasses... and because of the glasses I will forgive him for making up a word that isn't even a ghost word--see Do Geese See God to figure that one out.

Yeah. It's a play. I saw it read at The Diversionary Theater last night.


J.D. said...

Well, according to the phat dictionary, he must not mean he is a logger who fells trees, or someone that makes a game score, or that he is a machine that makes score marks...perhaps he thinks composing is akin marking a paper for creasing? Clint's kinda pushin' the poetry there. But, hey, I wish I could write music.

Couldn't help myself.

Thanks for comin' to the show.

Anonymous said...


i saw it on tuesday night. really really liked it. what did you think about it?

- bruinstevie

Olaina.PhotosandArt said...

You mean the Gore movie? Loved it. And I have loved few scientific documentaries in my life. Plus it showed that Gore is a human... I think I blogged about this before. Right after I saw it. Gotta run....