Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Life on the ...well, not exactly "run"...

For all you non-Southern Californians out there:
Yesterday made it into the 80s. I started the day in long sleeves and jeans, but was in shorts and a tank top by 10 a.m. I'm walking a black lab puppy (14 mo?) downtown, so we went to the Seaport Village and cooled off in the ocean breeze. Of course, our walk ended up being longer than usual, and she lay down in the elevator when we got home. The one time we had company in the elevator, and I appear to have driven the dog to death. But I think I got the beginnings of this year's tan. In February. Early February.

Saturday I hung my art show at Claire de Lune's. Surprisingly, I was able to fill all the walls--we're talking huge walls. I didn't realize I had such a large collection of work. I'm going to need to work on finding a place for it in March, since there isn't so much wall space here in our lil apartment. I also have some of it (the flower stuff) hanging at Bee Essentials, a candle shop that is having a Valentine's Day chocolate and wine tasting party on Feb. 10. I need to check with Claire, I'd like to do a reception there too--I'll let everyone know when it is.

As far as marketing bands... I'm just sticking with my friends Jareb and David for now... on the down low. I got a little out of control with trying to jump back into "work" and it didn't go so well--I started getting "sick" again. You can't spend a year sitting on the deck with your feet in the water at the shallow end of the pool watching the kids play and then dive into the deep end and think you can swim laps like you used to. *sigh* But the goal wasn't ever to return to what I used to be... I remember grading during the Super Bowl at Deanie's party a few years ago, but this year I was dedicated to the game and the barstool and the chicken strips and onion rings at Urban Mo's. :)

Justin has started this evil internal medicine rotation, which I thought was great this weekend when he had it off--but he left the house at 6 a.m.ish yesterday and worked til sometime around 10:30 p.m. (I was asleep when he got back... I don't know when). And then this morning he woke up at 5 something and is gone now... til I don't know when. I do that plan my own life thing, but it sure is a lot like being single. Anyway, this rotation is supposed to be better than the others because there are no over night calls, but the calls are every other day or third day til 10, so what's the point? I don't think I mind it that much, but I think that's because I'm still doing the one day at a time thing. I find there's no good reason to think too much about the future--and I certainly know I can't really plan for it. The road goes where it will go... Like Anne Lammott says, all you really need is to be able to see right in front of you where the headlights work when you're driving through the fog.

OK. And that's my morning musing.

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OakMonster said...

One thing you CAN and you ARE planning for it...