Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Platinum Weekend!

More terms from medical school:

The Golden Weekend: Saturday AND Sunday off--consecutively. The Golden Weekend only happens once a month in third year, when officially the students have four days off a month.

It's important to know a particular medical school is having a Golden Weekend if you are a spouse or partner or probably even roommate or acquaintance or bar-buddy of that medical school student, otherwise you stupidly take the time for granted and do things like chores or studying or alone-time and you don't fully appreciate the Golden Weekend phenomenon. This month, I actually missed the Golden Weekend because it was Justin's first weekend in the medicine rotation, and I thought it was just a weekend. You know. Like people get after working Monday through Friday. Duh.

The other days off are known as Saturday and Sunday. These days off do not ever come consecutively, and in fact medical school students often have 11 or 12 or 13 days of work in a row--though sometimes these days come with shorter working hours (like 8) and sometimes they're longer (like 30). But usually a 30 hour "day" is followed by a day off. So there's something to look forward to--a day on call followed by a day out cold.

We have come to the ever so surprising conclusion that in order to keep a marriage happy and healthy it is important that the couple actually spends time together. In fact, before we married, our Pastor told us to spend 15 minutes face-to-face time every day and go on a date once a week (not including with groups at bars or friends' weddings). You can imagine how well this plan has been going lately. We can go days seeing each other in the dark, as one of us is crawling into bed or out of bed and the other is essentially sleeping. There's a kiss, a yawn, an "I love you" and a "good night" or a "have a good day." Conversation, if it happens, is not deep, it's logistical. "When...?" "We need...?" "Can you....?" Soon. OK. OK.

God actually intervened in our lives this weekend. We went Platinum.

The Platinum Weekend: The medical student is allowed to go home early on Friday (before 10 a.m.!) AND is given the weekend off because he's done well and they're switching to a different hospital on Monday, so there's no point in getting new patients and then not actually taking care of them next week.

SO! We got to eat eight meals in a row together. We got to take really really long naps together. We got to go to sleep AT THE SAME TIME and wake up AT THE SAME TIME... OK, well, I woke up a bit early and read, but I was there and so was he, so there. It counts. We also got to go ice skating and get the car washed and hang out with friends and go to the grocery store and go to the reading of a play (Do Geese See God rocks!) and go to church and go to a coffee shop and watch The Academy Awards. Together.

Turns out I'm married.

To this really nice guy I met three days ago.

He was having a Platinum Weekend.

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Olaina said...

Justin points out I should point out that I made up the term Platinum Weekend. So there: Platinum Weekend (trademark: Olaina Anderson).