Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Please join me!

I am having my first ever one-woman photography and painting show, and am having an artist's reception to celebrate the occassion. My art is hanging there for the rest of the month (and it's already the 14th!), but I hope to see you all on Sunday evening at Claire de Lune's in North Park on University at Kansas (practically under the North Park sign). I can't believe I can fill up a whole entire coffee lounge--and this one is HUGE--with my photographs and paintings. Upstairs you can see India, coming down check out the ocean, and on the GIANT wall downstairs and all around the room there are acrylic paintings (and a few more photographs) for your viewing pleasure. I plan to be at Claire's earlier on Sunday, but Jareb will start to play at 6:30.

Check out Claire's & get directions!

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OakMonster said...

Only if I'm lucking and don't have to go into work on Monday! (Yes, I know it's a holiday. But we have an event on Wednesday we have to prep for.)

Well, we'll see. I'll know soon. :)