Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I hate it.

I can't get it.

I do it for three hours in the middle of the day. Justin tries to wake me, but it is impossible.

At night I wake up and check the time.

It doesn't help that the rain gutter on our three story apartment building makes this aggravating S-curve right outside our bedroom window. Even when it's not actually RAINING anymore, just wet, it's like trying to sleep next to someone practicing the snare drums. Erratically. I retreated to the futon in the living room/studio last night. Here, with my futon-resting ear pressed to the floor, I could hear our downstairs neighbor's TV playing. Now, somewhere in the neighborhood there is power tool gardening, street repairing and actual hammering happening.

And I just read a really great description of pizza from Naples, so I'm starving, and I don' t think Bronx Pizza is open until closer to lunchtime.

I could be more miserable, but I don't want to think about it.



They are simple needs.

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