Saturday, February 24, 2007


Having a futon constantly open in the middle of my living room is like having my own quicksand pit.

I tell myself, oh, it's just sand, I can walk here, and then I'm down.




On Ash Wednesday I had every good intention of doing a Day. By 8 a.m. I had even eaten a bowl or two of cereal, showered, dressed in cute and fashionable clothes and done my hair. My hair is getting "long", and so now I'm clipping the front with these tiny little jaw-things and it curls. People like the curls, and I'm thinking of growing it back to curly-wash-and-wear length. Short is cute, but it takes maintenance. And Product.

I think I even had make up on. I did. Eye shadow and Smudge Pot stuff courtesy of my high-power executive friend at Stila. (Such a varied collection of friends one makes, hanging out at a coffee shop all day.)

I was Going Out that day.

And then, I went to my laptop, which is on my futon. I did work--uploading stuff I don't need anymore but can't afford to just give away (we don't own anything, so we don't get tax write offs)--and then I lay down. Just for a minute. Carefully threaded between the camera, the laptop and the sales.

Just one blanket on top.

And pull this other one into the shape of a pillow.

And somehow, over a period of ...oh, maybe five hours, I ended up with another top blanket, a real pillow, and--thanks to the Product--hair that was still cute when my friend Tiffany paid a surprise visit just after 3 p.m. and demanded that I put on some shoes and get some tea with her. So we took a walk and I had a decaf mocha for lunch and felt like I should keep going... you know, to have a Day now that the sun was thinking about setting.

Then Thursday, I had some friends over for breakfast (to make myself eat too) and they were already drunk, (and yes, dressed as monks. In beautiful costumes created by Paul--with very beautifully sewn double-sided hems (is that what they're called?) and quite durable too (yes, I do fit in the sleeves, no hands, "like a papoos" Jareb said, and made out of canvas drop cloths)), so at noon when they left I went to sleep again. No, wait, that was Tuesday. Thursday I actually did have a day. But Friday I woke only for meals. And slept all last night.

And now I think I feel... what is this... rested?

The idea is, if I keep the futon open I will have a comfortable place to sit while I unpack these boxes from when we moved in here.

It'll work.

Maybe next week.

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oakmonster said...

your futon seems to have the same evil power as our bed and the Nest. You lay down/sit in it, and it's over. LOL.