Saturday, March 24, 2007


After a year without a job, I now have several.

In typical Olaina-fashion, I tossed out a bunch of lines and got bites on all of them.

So now I just have to hope I can reel them all in, instead of being yanked into the water and drowning--back to square one.

I walk Dakota and Chewy, which I love and don't want to give up (I mean, seriously, I get unconditional puppy love and exercise at the same time).

I am a mystery shopper (not nearly as glamorous as it sounds, and not profitable, but relatively worthwhile).

I am a hostess at Mo's (in training every night until Tuesday--at which point I'll finally have only two shifts a week instead of working every night til after midnight, which isn't really good for my health).

I model for art classes (haven't actually been paid for this yet, but again have lots of lines out... and find it quite relaxing to sit perfectly still for long stretches of time. It's like I get paid to work on being mindful or meditating).

I am the new Editor of Vision Magazine, a monthly publication described as such on their website:

VISION MAGAZINE is an elegant balance of informative stories and inspiring viewpoints; rich, vivid color juxtaposed with appealing editorial, community resources, and calendar of events, each providing tools for living in a more peaceful and sustainable world. We currently print 90,000 copies of the magazine, which is distributed at over 1800 locations throughout California, Northern Arizona and Hawaii. . . . .Our readers are proactive toward their health, consider their well-being to be a top priority, and are comprised of 57% women and 43% men with a household income of $65,000 or greater.

(I'll be assigning, writing and editing stories as well as working on the design of the magazine. It's a cool little 10"x10" newsprint publication, and I'll basically be doing what I did as a journalism adviser except I won't have to deal with the ads, 46 kids or anyone's parents, or conventions. So it's about a third of the journalism work I did while also teaching four other classes).

I also still want to stay aware of taking care of me--doing my GRAPES and making sure I do yoga, choir, church and art on my own, including writing, painting and photography. Plus I need to maintain my friendships with people, keep our household running and my relationship with Justin healthy. And I need to be sure I get enough rest--including sleep and just plain old down time. Apparently people need that sort of thing.

So I'm thinking I have too many jobs. But if they are all really as part time as they claim to be--and I get the feeling (from my history of over achieving and what all my bosses say) that I AM IN CHARGE OF MY TIME, then maybe I can reach a healthy balance. If not, I'll have to let some of the work go. On the upside, since I have the Editor position, I don't have to stress as much about getting enough work at Mo's or modeling to be able to pay the rent. I just have to be really Zen about all of it.




I'm telling ya, folks, it's a whole new world around here.

Though I do I still need to clean my house.

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oakmonster said...


I'd say drop the mystery shopper. Doggies, modeling, and hostessing seem to be quite flexible though. Definitely keep the doggies.

CONGRATULATIONS on the editor job! Remember to tell them about July. ;-D First thing out of B's mouth when I told him the good news. LOL.