Sunday, March 25, 2007

One More Time

I forgot to list another job: leading kids in arts and crafts classes at a pet shop in our neighborhood.

There are no words for how tired I already am. Though, I am typing, so I suppose there are.

I will try this life for a month. And then if it's too much, I'll start shedding jobs one at a time. Maybe I'll quit one each week. Just for the practice of saying "no" to people. There's something I haven't done much in my life (shut up, kids... asking to use your cell phone to call your mom during a test or get extra credit for writing your name in glitter and then hearing me say, "no" does not count!).

Hell, maybe I'll quit something tomorrow.


(Justin just cheated at reading one of his sci-fi novels by looking ahead in the series to see if the character who "might be dead" is still alive. I on the other hand cover the opposing page of a novel just to keep from accidentally jumping ahead when I'm desperate to find out what happens to a character. I don't want to miss any of the beautiful words... I don't want to miss the journey...)

If I keep all these jobs when will I read, write or paint? Leave alone photograph anything?

Sweet Jesus. I'm already cracking.

Good night, folks.

And don't forget to tip your hostess. ;) or your teacher, entertainer, blah blah blah blah....

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