Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I have the ability to say "No!"

In cog they always told us "no" is a complete sentence.

I'd cock my head in confusion and look at them like a puppy who'd been told to carry a ball in its paws. Huh? I don't have opposable thumbs. How would I do that?

But yesterday I quit my job.

OK. I had to work on it for a couple of days, and I really just transferred it to a friend instead of leaving the guy in a lurch, but the important thing is that today I did not have to walk Dakota.

Yes, I know what some of you are thiSave as Draftnking. I LOVE Dakota. We had great times together, and sometimes went on really long walks downtown San Diego to Seaport Village and The Midway and through Martin Luther King, Jr., Park and around Petco Park. But that was back when I did not have four other jobs and she was sometimes my only obligation of the day. It was more like getting paid to exercise and explore my city while I thought about life and also had the benefit of unconditional puppy-love. Now, walking Dakota is a task that falls in the middle of the day (read: at the beginning or end of any art modeling shift) and takes way more energy and time than I can afford to spend.

When I told the guy on Friday that I didn't know how much longer I'd be able to walk her because I got hired for four other jobs in the span of four days and was feeling overwhelmed, he talked me into staying. Sadly, he used this logic: "you can walk her any time. She can hold her pee for 13 hours. I don't care, I just don't want to have to go through the hassle of looking for another dog walker. And she likes you so much. And my girlfriend (he sometimes calls her a fiance, I don't know what's up with that) trusts you. Dakota is fine sitting in the kennel until you get here."

So I said I'd give him two weeks notice. Then when Dakota and I got outside I called Justin and was reminded that I was supposed to actually quit. (Which I WAS going to do, if it weren't for him being there. I had a piece of paper and was going to write a note. I was going to do it the wimpy way.)

But Monday, I brought my friend with me to meet Dakota and the "dad" was there again and they were all comfortable with the situation and so today I get to stay home.

Yay! I learned to say "no."

And I'll get better at it. I also don't let people at Mo's walk all over me just because I'm the new girl.

Look everyone! It's Olaina with self-esteem and she's taking care of herself. It's like maybe I'm putting my own needs before other people's needs and wants. Maybe I'm making taking care of myself a priority--maybe I'm taking my own advice.

Cool, huh.

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