Monday, April 30, 2007

When the phone rings in the middle of the night

Maybe it's best just not to answer it.

Mark called to tell Justin that the next step is putting her on a ventilator. She's stable now, but if she deteriorates--that's according to the nurse. The doctor will call Justin on his cell as soon as he's done with rounds. Mark... Justin...

so I called my mom.

"Oh Lord hear my prayer, oh Lord hear my prayer, when I call, answer me..." It's part of the liturgy that's playing in my head. But what to pray for? And is it when I call? Or when He calls?

Sweet Jesus.

When the next phone call is either your stepfather or your mother's doctor and you just took an Ambien two hours ago, I guess you answer the phone and try to follow along. Like Justin said as he dialed the hospital's phone number, "This is surreal."

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