Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Waitressing and modeling may not be my lifelong dreams, but they are occupations that free up my non-at-work time to work toward my lifelong dreams. There is no homework with these jobs. I want to write. I want to paint. I want to create art of several forms. So, freelance writing and the like move me toward my desired future. Editing, on the other hand, binds me in the noose of other people's mediocre/poor/sometimes good writing. Editing is not the creative outlet I need. Editing is still guiding someone else by the hand to help them create their dream. I'd rather work on my own.

I did not quit. I made a healthy choice.

And strangely, someone seems to have missed it and still wants to have a meeting with me about editing.....

Maybe I or they really do live in a vacuum!?!

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