Thursday, May 31, 2007

Death Watch 2007

If I could put theme music behind this news broadcast title, it would be a medley from yesterday's selected satellite TV programming of M*A*S*H, Law and Order (just the "dhum, dhum," of course), and children's music including "You Are My Sunshine."

I suppose this sense of humor of mine is not going away anytime soon.

I woke up this morning and thought, "What am I doing today?

Oh yeah, we're going to watch Toni." And then I saw all those "Watch"es from the news roll through my mind. Storm Watch 2006. Fire Watch 2003. Elections, Wars, Floods...

Of course, I also had to figure out where I was waking up. We're sleeping in my parents' bedroom, since today Dennis and Ruth are coming in from Oregon and staying in what's come to be our bedroom but was once Neil's bedroom--the guest bedroom with the Challenger wall paper. I hope they don't mind sleeping next to the space shuttle flying through space.

My parents' bed is round. What can I say? It's from the 1970s. Its diameter is about that of a California King size bed, and my mom has special mattresses made for it at a foam store (yes, these exist) and makes the sheets herself by buying smaller ones and sewing them together--even a fitted sheet with elastic hemmed around the whole circle.

Justin ended up lying diagonally across the bed (I couldn't sleep and so I guess I got up and then tried to come back); if it were a rectangle or a square, he'd have been making some kind of triangle--and taking up the whole bed leaving no room for me. I woke him up--"Hey, you're all crooked!"

He sat up groggily and looked around. "I'm a clock."

"As long as you don't strike one."

He moved his head back to the pillows and his feet back to the bottom of the circle, but we have a queen size bed at home and he was way far away.

"I need a hug," I said, and he scooted over about as much as he usually needs to for hugs. Still far away.

More scooting. "Cross country. Better have enough rations."

"We have cheese." I started to remember all the cheese I bought, the way a hungover person starts to catalog all the drinks she had the night before. It felt almost as sickening and nearly as embarrassing. "There's three kinds of cream cheese, and Vermont white cheddar, and extra sharp cheddar, and string cheese..."

This morning I asked him if he wanted bagels for breakfast--two kinds: cinnamon raisin swirl or everything. "We have bagels, and bacon, but no eggs. I don't know why I didn't buy eggs. I guess I figured they'd get crushed coming up here. But we can buy eggs and have that tomorrow."

"I saw that you bought bacon, but no eggs. It's cute."

And then we found eggs in my parents' fridge--not even expired yet. :)

I gotta go. Another Law and Order will start in half an hour or an hour, I'm sure, and we should be there.

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