Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So Much For Flow Charts

Justin somewhat on his own started making hospice arrangements for his mom. That is, he started doing some research, and with his two inch binder of pallative care information was able to figure out she probably qualifies for hospice--which requires no more than 6 months remaining life expectancy.

How would you like to do that kind of math?

Then he called the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) to get more information on her condition and the Nurse Practicioner said she was not showing much improvement and the next recommendation would probably be a feeding tube that would be surgically inserted into her belly. That kind of GI feeding is on the DNR--so she won't be getting it. The NP said it would probably mean she has about two weeks to live.

Then he talked to the Speech Therapist who would make the order and the diagnosis (she's the woman trying to get Toni to swallow so that she can eat again). No new news.

So now, who tells Mark? And does he get told before we go up or over the phone tonight (since obviously it's Justin who will tell...)

Justin told Mark today that he didn't think his mom would realistically get better to the point where she was before she got the pneumonia. When he retold me the story he finally started to cry. It's been 24 days of this and he's been tearless the whole time.

He has a cruise-to-Ensenada-bachelor-party this weekend, he has to finish pediatrics, he has to take the shelf exam for that and for primary care and something else--clinical?--and he has two tests for Step Two of the Boards between now and the second week of July. Oh, and we're supposed to go to New Mexico on a road trip with Brandon and Oakley.

And somewhere in there, his mother is likely to die.

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oakmonster said...

Mine may too.

We both shall see.