Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Back to Normal"

After work at Mo's I called my little brother (OK, a taller but one year younger guy who owns a condo and is actually a rocket scientist) to say hello.

"Are things back to normal?" he asked.

"Yeah, except for the part about Justin's mom is dead."

I'll give him that today was the least emotionally charged day I have experienced in over a month. Today, I walked the dogs, drank some coffee, got my braces adjusted and best of all hostessed at Mo's. It was SO good to be back at work. It's awesome to move dirty dishes off tables and clean tabletops and ashtrays. I got to be nice to people and no one expected very much of me at all--menus, smiles, somewhere to sit. It's just enough work to be physically, mentally and emotionally occupied, but not so much that it is overly taxing. I actually forgot for a while about everything else. It's the kind of life experience that is perfect for practicing living in the moment. And the moment is so simple.

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