Friday, June 08, 2007

The Day After

After yesterday, the first day in the house without Toni, there's the cleaning of the linen/toilettetries closet that Ruth and I did while Mary Looraine watched TV in the next room and ate from a giant bag of pre-popped popcorn. Our tax dollars at work--she had her stomach stapled on medicare. She can't make more than $700 a month because she has SSI and would not get that--I say it's a risk she should take. It's hard not to hate her, though feeling sorry for her occassionally crops up. But then she complains that I"m cleaning her house and I want to kill her with my bare hands. She may weigh twice my size, but I could take her. I'm quick, strong and sprightly. Plus I think I might just have a team that would either stand by or step in to help.

And there stand my evil thoughts for the day. I will go back to their house (feels wierd to go there without Toni there, but Justin's already called it Mark's house once) and clean the office. I will try my bes to be nice to Mary Looraine, but if she complains to me just one time I'm giving her a piece of my mind--which is twice the size of hers, at least.

OK. I'm going to go about my day with my evil and loving thoughts alternating. I miss Justin and my Mommy and Daddy. Justin read all his letters to Toni from Boot Camp yesterday when we got home. He took them with him to San Diego--he has a hugely important test that he has to pass to go on to third year today. I think he studied for twenty minutes in the last two weeks, but I know he'll do well. He's that kind of guy. I'll be buying him a Superman T-shirt soon.... or maybe a cape. Brandon and Oakley always say he must have one hidden in his closet.

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