Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In the News

The big story in San Diego yesterday and today is that a man killed a woman on the day of her child's eighth birthday. Coincidence? No. He knew the woman. In fact, he had an on-again-off-again relationship with her. In fact, the eight-year-old girl is his child. The dead woman was 31-years-old, and she has 16, 11 and 8 year old daughters (no comment on the father's identity) and was pregnant with another one of his children. So the guy went into the doctor's office where she is a receptionist (a block away from the office I was in three hours earlier, by the way) and she asked if the flowers he was delivering were for her--and then he shot her. Then, after driving home to City Heights (a couple of neighborhoods over from ours), he called 911 and confessed. So, FOX news, (my favorite for fair and trashy news, by the way) is covering the families like mad--this is the pastor of the man, this is the aunt of the woman, this is the apartment complex where she lived with her three girls... of course everyone loves the females and is praying for all of the people and are surprised--even the neighbor who used to fix the eight-year-old girl's bicycle. (Why he "used to," I don't know... can't he do that again? Does it not break anymore?

So of course this news makes feeling sorry for myself relatively impossible--next to of course today's headlines that I read on the TV about "The Middle East Exploding" and "Possible Three Civil Wars."

Meanwhile, the County Fair can be a dirty place to eat... you know, because of all of the animal feces that are also attendant at the fair.

Oh, and Thomas the Tank Engine wood made toys are recalled.

Now, this last piece of news matters to me. I can't imagine Victoria trying to take away anything Thomas related from Josh and Sam. It just would not go well. I can only picture the household mayhem ensuing as parents get the news... now we're talking civil wars. Hopefully civil, at least.
What with story #1 and all.

In other news, closer to home, Oakley just went to a wedding where Hollywood style pyrotechnics went wrong and someone ended up with second and third degree burns--the wedding was for a co-worker and another co-worker got burned by chunks of fiery balloon strips... imagine what this turn of events will do to office politics...

The Borens are forbidden to tell Jason or Arman about the fireworks. Jason is getting married on June 16, and Arman is getting married on June 23, and Justin is in both of the wedding parties. These weddings are polar opposites. Justin called Jason today to find out when exactly on Friday the rehearsal dinner is--and Jason will call him tomorrow (the day before!) to tell us when we have to be there for Justin to be in pictures and to rehearse. Jason says a lot of people won't be at the actual rehearsal because they have to work, but the Pastor will do a quick run through with them before the actual wedding on Saturday. On the other hand, Arman wants all of the guests, especially the wedding party, to stay at or within a one-mile radius of the five-star wedding hotel from Thursday to Saturday night and we are the only ones who are allowed to miss the rehearsal--and that's because Justin has to take a nationally required test for medical school that day. Also, we just received a pre-wedding DVD of the happy couple, complete with two postcards with further information to be double checked and returned--and the postcards as well as the stamp bear their photographs. It's really quite beautiful, and I don't begrudge them their happiness, I am simply illustrating the vast variation in styles of Justin's friends.

Importantly, Jason cannot know about the fireworks--he'll try to build his own.
Importantly, Arman cannot know about the fireworks-- he’ll find a way to add them to their 5-star resort bonanza.

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