Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nothing to do...

I wish.

But there is nothing I CAN do about a lot of stuff I want to be able to do SOMETHING about.

Like Oakley being sick.

Or Justin's mom being sick and then dead.

Or Justin being sad.

And all those other people who are also sad.

And me being so ...whatever it is that I am... Me.

And Oakley's mom being sick and dying.

I want to change all of those things, except for maybe the part about being Me. I'm getting to kinda like that girl.

But there is so much that is unfair in this world and it is so sometimes (usually) hard for me to accept that I can't make it all better that it bums me out.

So I sit on my couch and stew and blog and stare.

Luckily, tomorrow my parents are coming over to rescue me (and Justin) from myself.

Justin and I have been living in LA (essentially) for the past two months. We haven't been home for a weekend together (Memorial Day he went on a bachelor party cruise and I stayed home, but the rest of the time we've be in LA) since April 28--and we spent that day cleaning. Since then, we've dashed home, gone to sleep, to work, to sleep, etc., re-packed our bags and gone back to LA. We've made the trip during the week, on the weekends and for two weeks in a row. I still haven't fully unpacked from our return because I was A) too tired, B) working when Justin was sleeping) C) the reverse, and D) unconcerned. I've been getting other things done. Important things, photo related things. The Espresso Garden menu. Work. Dog walks. Sleep-drug induced sleep.

Anyway, we all need to send good vibes Oakley's way because in her zealous caretaking way she has gotten a bit ill, and so now she's flying to Thailand with an ear infection. She'll make it though.

I think we should have matching Wonder Woman shirts. I think I might buy them tomorrow.

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